On the first visit, we’ll sit down and talk. I’ll get a history of when your pain(s) started, the nature of the pain, how often it bothers you and all the important information. This is the time for you to tell me in detail everything that is going on concerning your problem. I want to develop a dialogue that will serve us throughout your care so that we can communicate easily with each other.

Next, based on what you have told me, I’ll begin an exam which will consist of performing orthopedic tests, neurological tests (if radiating pain is present), measuring range-of-motion to evaluate restrictions, and palpation. Palpation means feeling the spine or extremities to determine specifically where the pain is, locate swelling, and get a sense of how the joints are restricted and misaligned.

All this will probably take 45 min – 1 hr. At this point I should have a good idea of what is going on. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may decide to take X-rays to see specifically what is happening inside. It is often very helpful to have a detailed inside view of the structure of the area in which we will be working. If we decide to X-ray, we have a room in the clinic where I’ll take the views needed then develop them right away. This generally takes about ½ hour.

Depending on time, either this visit or the next, we’ll go over the x-rays together. I’ll show what is happening in the structure and explain my plan for getting you well – and out of pain.

During the first treatment, and the rest, your feedback is welcomed. I want to know how each area feels as I work on it. I’ll go more lightly if need be. And I want to know how each area is progressing. The bottom line is to get you out of pain and restore joint function so that you can enjoy and live life more fully.

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For your convenience we accept: cash, personal check, VISA, MasterCard, and Discover.


Zoellner Chiropractic accepts most insurance programs. We also accept worker’s compensation and personal injury. After receiving your insurance information, we will verify your eligibility for chiropractic services. If you are unsure as to whether your insurance program includes chiropractic care, please contact us and we will gladly check into your coverage for you. The insurance programs we are currently providers for include:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield
  • Preferred Community Choice (PCC Select)
  • Aetna
  • PPO Oklahoma/Coventry, First Health Network
  • Private Health Care Systems (General American, Multiplan, Time Fortis, Great West, & Mail Handlers)
  • HealthChoice (Oklahoma State and Education Employees)
  • United Health Care/ ACN Group
  • GlobalHealth Providers Networks
  • Community Care
  • Health Smart/Physician Direct Network
  • Oklahoma Health Network
  • Medicare

If you do not see your insurance company listed above please contact us since we are in the process of expanding our networks, or you may be eligible for out of network benefits.

No Insurance

Our primary goal is to help our patients achieve health and wellness. For patients who have minimal or no insurance coverage, payment options can be discussed and arranged so that you can still receive the care you need.